CRYPTOINVESTMENTS in commercial real estate

Stability of commercial real estate

Transparency at all steps

Innovativeness of the cryptocurrency

Easy to join the project

Involvement of each investor in project management

Chance to become a co-owner of a middle-yield project

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How it works?

1. ITO and fund-raising for the acquisition of the first commercial property (or more, based on the amount of funds raised).

2. Participants are registered in a web application and receive tokens to the personal wallets.

3. The profit from the lease of property under management is distributed as follows:

- 30-50% payment of dividends;

- 2-3% facility management and operating expenses;

- 67-47% is reinvested in the acquisition of new facilities;

Thus, the volume of dividends will grow in proportion to the increase in the number of real estate objects purchased.

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Road Map

Acquisition of the first real estate
Payment of the first dividends
Payment of dividends
Payment of dividends
Payment of dividends
Payment of dividends
Development of a custom web application
Accumulation of funds for reinvestment
Purchase of new property

Financial Model

Legal Information

In order to implement the project and protect the rights of participants, a mutual fund will be established in the form of a trust in a jurisdiction with the most developed and progressive system of the Anglo-Saxon law (currently, HongKong, Switzerland are being considered).

The trust will be created by analogy with the Real Estate Investment Fund (REIT) in the United States, providing investors with a yield of up to 40% per annum.

The trust manager (management company) will receive compensation based on the financial results of the fund. Objects of commercial real estate will be acquired on behalf of the trust and only in the interests of participants (beneficiaries of the trust).

The right of participants to hold the assets of the trust in proportion to the share of participation will be specified in the Charter and legally bound by a mutually binding agreement, i.e.- the trust rules, published on the web-site and in the SqPay application acting as a "wallet" for accounting of tokens. Tokens will be legally equated to the shares of the trust by the Charter.

The application and database on the web-site will be organized on the basis of the BlockChain technology, allowing participants to reduce the costs for the services of the custodians and registrars, as participants themselves will act as guarantors of transactions on the sale of the fund's shares.

SqPay also plans to use and develop the BlockChain technology to verify the ownership of real estate in state authorities.

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The main obstacle for the people who want to buy commercial real estate and safely let it for rent is a high price threshold of entry and lack of understanding of how to choose the right liquid property, and then the issue of management arises. SqPay helps to solve this issue and make a long-term investment with a minimum entry threshold. We are interested in creating a project that will successfully work, generate income for people and at the same time protect their investments. We want to become an example of how we have managed to unite the cryptocurrency world and the real sector of the economy. The whole team are decent and mature people striving to implement this project!

We are hiring

- Blockchain developer
- UI/UX designer

Contact us info@sqpay.io